With FraudSniper you can implement a complete fraud protection cycle!

Our goal at FraudSniper™ is to ensure that you focus on running your bank, while we focus on ensuring that your customers are safe from fraudsters. Utilize our powerful smart detection heuristics and customizable rules to implement a smooth fast secure transaction experience for your customers


Whether the need is around customizing/implementing government or regulartory policies; Our system enables you to simplify and manage compliance acoross multiple branches/locations.

Secure Payments

Protects payments across all applications, channels, and payment types. Our system easily connects to your core banking API to provide round-the-clock protection for your customers.

Behaviour Analytics

FraudSniper™ provides a top-speed solution that quickly identifies and intercepts/stops suspicious user activity through smart profiling, machine learning, and rules based detection.

Multiple Branch Support

We understand that the needs of your organization can uniquely vary across several branches of your organization. Our system provides complete multilingual support to cater for your every need.

Multi-currency Support

If you need to implement different FI rules based on the currency, we have got you covered. Use our proven solution to manage fraud across different currencies or transaction types.

Complete Protection Loop

FraudSniper™ provides an end-to-end solution that mediates transaction activity to intercept and validate suspicious transaction activity as well as detect and identify new threats.

Other Features

Automated Fraud Case Management and API

Offer additional protection to your customers even after a fraud has occurred with FraudSniper™. With the automated case management system you can automatically blacklist fraudulent customers who fail to prove their innocense without stress.

Other Features

Customizable Intelligence Rules

FraudSniper™ allows you to create advanced custom intelligent rules for detecting and stopping fraud. Whether your need is to create these rules by branch or currency or even customer, we have got you covered.

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