Access payments to all your vendors in one place!

Organizations approvoe and execute large number of recurrent payments to different Vendors for goods and services they offer. They also manage recurrent payments from their Customers and Distributors.
With Secapay, you can execute payment remotely while reducing the associated risk of non-compliance

Send and receive payments

Send or receive payments from third parties (Vendors and Customers) with enforced compliance on agreed payment terms and service terms.

Manage payments

Manage payments with regards to partial payments, escrow payments, multi-source payment reconciliation, and payment analytics.

Escrow payments

Manage the delivery of payments to Recipients based on agreed terms

Auto generated reminders for all outstanding payments based on scheduled terms

Loss Reduction

Save huge revenue by avoiding Vendor payment losses due to non compliance with service terms

Save huge revenue by avoiding Client payment losses due to non compliance with payment terms after supply of good and services

Dispute Management

Easy terms and condition checklist management & confirmation at end of transactions

Automated & managed settlement calculation based on fulfilled terms and conditions.

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